Raw Thoughts: Aloe

October 28, 2017

Aloe is an incredible plant. It’s great for burns and internal inflammation. If you have a latex allergy, this recipe is probably not your friend (aloe skin contains latex) and you’re better of buying a store-bought item whose recipe is sensitive to that. I use this recipe at home not only for general skincare and sunburn, but I will even take it as an internal supplement. Don’t ingest too much, as aloe is a natural laxative. But here is how I handle my aloe at home.

Fresh-Pressed Aloe


Aloe “leaf”
Vitamin C powder or Lemon Juice

Items Needed:

Rolling pin
Cutting board
Fine mesh strainer


Take your aloe and slice the top and the bottom.  If your leaf is very large (like the ones found at Whole Foods Market), you may want to slice it in sections. Using your rolling pin, Roll your aloe leaf from the middle to the top and then from the middle to the bottom. Collect your aloe goo and place it in your blender with 1T vitamin C powder or the juice of two lemons (vitamin C and/or lemon juice will help preserve it, though I would not keep it beyond 5-7 days). Remove from blender and strain into jar/container of your choice. Refrigerate.

CREDITS// Article & Photos: Melissa Collins.

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