Zap the Common Cold

March 20, 2017


How Brave Are You?

I have finally found my answer to the common cold. I have even avoided the flu and strep throat, both in my household within a week of each other. I repeat: I avoided the flu and strep throat in my home within a week of each other. This solution is not for the faint of heart, but I encourage you to give it a try.

Note: Efficacy is contingent upon your ability to act at the onset of symptoms and your willingness to do all these things simultaneously (not pick and choose). This does take commitment and a little bit of bravery, but it is worth it. However, I am not a medical expert. I simply know that this is what has worked for me time and again. As always, talk to your doctor and do what is best for you.


Take: Juice of one whole lemon in water. Drink. Then eat the flesh. Then eat the peel. Yes, eat the peel. It is best to choose organic lemons for this; no pesticide peels please, my brave ones. (You’re welcome to eat more than one in a day, just make sure you don’t upset your stomach.) This is your vitamin C, but there are other benefits to eating a whole lemon as well. Every day, first thing in the morning when you wake. If you can, drink lemon water all day too.

Take: Vitamin D, preferably in liquid form not pill form. Most of us are D deficient anyway, but did you know (fun fact), your immune system cannot mobilize without vitamin D? In the morning when you wake.

Herbal Immuno Support

Take: One dropper full each of Echinacea Extract and Astragalus Extract in water every two hours until bedtime. If you wake up in the middle of the night, take a dropper full of each again. It’s good to gargle it before you swallow (it will help your throat). My favorite brand is Herb Pharm, which is organic and uses a sugar cane alcohol instead of a grain-based alcohol for those of us with grain allergies (make sure it says cane alcohol on the bottle if this is a concern for you). Do this until symptoms disappear, but do not continue for more than two weeks at a time without giving your body a break.

Netipot Your Face

Action: Add half a teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda to distilled water or freshly boiled water in a clean, sterilized netipot. If boiling your water, make sure you boil for at least three minutes. DO NOT USE WATER STRAIGHT FROM YOUR TAP WITHOUT BOILING IT FIRST. It is still possible for there to be organisms in your water (amoeba naegleria fowleri, yes, even if you live in America), so do not take a chance. If you’ve never done this, get ready for some fun! Put the long end of the netipot into a nostril of your choosing (hopefully yours) after you’ve filled it with your water-salt-baking-soda solution. Tilt your head forward and to the side so that when you pour the water into your face, it will exit through your open nostril. Are we having fun yet? Probably not, but this will help whatever you’re coming down with to rinse down the drain instead of stick in your face. Morning and night.

It Keeps the Vampires Away

Take: Using a garlic press or a good old fashioned knife, crush one raw garlic clove. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Then put the entire crushed clove into a spoonful of oil (grapeseed, warmed coconut, or olive are best I think). Grab a glass of water and knock it back like a shot. If you have a sensitive tummy, do this after a meal. Then you might want to grab some mint oil and add a couple drops to a mouthful of water to neutralize the garlic odor. I don’t mind it, but others may. *wink* PS–cooked garlic and garlic pills do not act the same as raw garlic. Also, your cloves must be freshly crushed and must set out for some minutes so that its juices properly mingle to maximize its antibacterial benefits. Three times a day with your meal (if you can handle doing this more than once…I believe in you.).

Action: Drink a ton of water, get good sleep, don’t let yourself get cold, and eat “clean.”

Like I said, I know it is not for the faint of heart, but I encourage you to buck up, forge ahead, and give the flu the finger. And when I find a remedy that is as easy as contracting a cold, I promise, you will be the first to know about it.

CREDITS// Article & Photos: Melissa Collins.

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