Low Sugar Challenge: Melissa’s Week 4

November 22, 2016



All right! Four weeks down! As I’ve been saying, this “sugar thing” was not a walk in the park for me. It was the beginning of a life style change and I am so grateful to have had a partner in it. The moral support provided just by knowing that someone else is struggling alongside you, has been supremely helpful. I highly recommend it.

I definitely still prefer sweet over savory and perhaps that is just my makeup, and I accept that. But there are some changes that have happened over the last four weeks that I’m very proud of: I no longer crash at 3:00 p.m. , I plan ahead more, I feel better, and while I’m certainly looking forward to allowing myself a cupcake here soon, I’m just more mindful about my food choices . That means that I’m more mindful about my nutrition and there’s no downside to that.


There are some things in life, you really do have to make yourself do for your own good, and for me, this was one of them. I had two false starts and I even had an outrageous sugar fest the first day I decided to scale it back in rebellion of the very idea! —Which was months ago. So, see? Eventually, you will succeed.

If you decide that this change would be beneficial to you, I hope that our bittersweet accounts can serve as a thoughtful what-to-expect guide on your journey to help you succeed.

Because, as Lora has said, victory is sweet.

CREDITS// Article & Photos: Melissa Collins.

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