Low Sugar Challenge: Melissa’s Week 2

November 7, 2016


Adapt & Adjust

Well, the white knuckling eased by mid-week, and I’m becoming much more sensitive to and appreciative of the natural flavors of my food. Sweet potato is actually sweet. Japanese sweet potato even more so. The feeling that I may die without a dessert when the clock strikes three has dissipated. And believe it or not, I’m drinking my cocoa with half a teaspoon of sugar, or none at all.

The American Heart Association’s guideline (no more than 24g of added sugar a day) has become a boundary I respect. I’m tired of struggling, and in the last two weeks, my system has become very sensitive. If I say that I’ll consume my daily limit of 24g in one sitting and then abstain for the other meals, I’ll feel my heart pounding in my chest in response to the sugar overload. It doesn’t feel good. I just can’t ingest that much at one time anymore, and that is an adjustment as well.


Humble Warrior

Week 2 was for me a giving over. I have been envious of the ease with which Lora is breezing through this lifestyle change. I told her I was getting off sugar and she said, “Oh? Cool. I’ll do it too,”–and then she did it. As I said during Week 1, this is far from my first battle with sugar. But this week was the beginning of some level of acceptance and recognition that I just don’t feel as good when I eat it.

If you struggle with sugar like me, the old adage “If at first you don’t succeed…” really rings true. Like anything, get knocked down, get right back up. I needed to do this because I really was dependent on it. Staying busy and planning whole-food, high-fiber meals ahead of time were keys to this week’s success. And now I’m delighting in the more subtle flavors of the food I am blessed to be eating.

CREDITS// Article & Photos: Melissa Collins.

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