Low Sugar Challenge: Lorelai’s Week 4

November 21, 2016


Sweet, Sweet Victory.

It has been a full month of low sugar and my body has never felt more satisfied. Food has more flavor and I’m more inclined to eat smaller portions especially when it comes to sweets. The low sugar challenge is the ultimate detox.

Just Graze.

The Graze subscription snack box saved me from my cravings through this past month and was one of reasons I exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it!

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Graze is 4 or 8 snacks delivered starting at $6.99. I love that I am able to customize each one and put in all my preferences. You can select any allergies and it will automatically remove those snacks as options. You can also select dietary needs including low sugar. I get the larger box for $11.99 delivered directly to my office and keep them in my drawer. If I forget breakfast or find that my lunch wasn’t filling, I have a great mix of nuts and dried fruit at the ready to keep me going instead of relying on nearby convenient stores or fast food chains for a quick fix.

Moving forward.

I fully intend on continuing with this challenge but I also won’t deprive myself. By cutting sugar out, your body begins to naturally reject it which makes it quite easy to maintain the healthy path as long as you pay attention to what your body needs. And today as I bake treats to take to my first girly sleepover I have had in years, I fully accept the fact that I will most likely surpass 24 grams of sugar. I am, however, providing myself with low sugar and healthy snacks and beverage options so I don’t have to eat too much just because it is there. Sugar intake will be a conscious intake not a matter of convenience and I do not plan on ever having the tolerance for it that I had just a few weeks ago.

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