Low Sugar Challenge: Lorelai’s Week 3

November 15, 2016


The Struggle Is Real

Two to three times a year, I commute home across the country for a weekend visit of friends, family and the occasional wedding. This weekend two of my beloved friends tied the knot in rural Connecticut, and I got my fall fix. I crave autumn in New England. Cool yet sunny, filled with my favorite foods and the anticipation of the holidays.

While traveling, I discovered just how convenient sugar has become. Each snack whether masking as healthy or not, was close to a daily amount of sugar. And then there are the energy drinks and smoothies and specialty drinks and cocktails. Sometimes it felt like I either had to cave into the sweetness or decide if I wanted to go another five or six hours without eating and on no sleep. It almost seemed easier to just eat through the commute. I’m happy to say that I made it through the airport still under my daily limit.

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Now back in LA, I still feel the presence of fall mainly in my food choices. I want pumpkin, squash, apples, maple, caramel and all things pie. Typically when I bake, I only put in a few mere spoonfuls of added sugar. This year I want to be even more mindful of added sugar and plan to focus my baking maybe further towards the savory side. Even when opting to do the holiday season with a more healthy menu, just remember there is always room for (a small piece of) pie.

CREDITS// Article: Lorelai Birch. Photos: Alex Allrich.

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