Low Sugar Challenge: Lorelai’s Week 2

November 5, 2016


Taste the Change.

My good friend from high school visited so I agreed to meet her at my fave gluten free pancake joint. I decided I could allow myself to eat all my added sugar in the morning and enjoy delicious pancakes. Think again. My tea was too sweet so instead of mixing the cream in I drank the black tea out from under it. The pancakes, loaded with nuts and berries, were the perfect amount of sweetness and the syrup and butter remained untouched. I barely made a dent in it but have enough breakfast for the next three days.

Happy hour is also harder to stomach. I have started to request my drinks be made without simple syrup. I made it past three Halloween parties and a pub crawl drinking tonic and eating half a fun-sized Reese’s. And I was fine with it.

The diet fad.

If you are turned off by dieting like me and prefer to eat healthy and in moderation, this diet is for you. I can’t cheat even if I allow myself too. The fact that I used to be able to eat and drink so much added sugar disgusts me now. I’m now excited by water and think my meals are sweet enough that dessert isn’t even on my radar. It’s amazing how fast my body adjusted.

Enjoy the Sweetness of the Moment.

My energy and mood feel more stable as a whole. Some of my plans didn’t sync up as well as they should have – hour long wait at the diner, taking a wrong turn, finding myself alone outside a friend’s house long before she is able to arrive. These daily mishaps would fill me of useless thoughts of anxiety. On that wrong turn, I found a gorgeous park and rose garden where I was able to spend time redirecting myself and waiting for plans to fall correctly in place. I am stopping to smell the roses… Literally.

CREDITS// Article: Lorelai Birch. Photos: Alex Allrich & Lorelai Birch.

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