7 Ethically Driven Fashion Stores For Your Holiday Wishlist

November 23, 2016

Good fashion and good morals have not always gone hand in hand. I have often found fashion companies worth supporting that lack style and amazing brands I want to love but strongly question their sources. Fortunately for you, I’m sharing the five companies I hold nearest and dearest with jaw-dropping taste and ethics that aren’t just skin deep.


Aeon Row

Aeon Row focuses on untrending fashion to help focus their customers on long-lasting staples over the fast fashion craze. While they have a minimal selection now, all their designs are made with revived fabrics and every order comes with a bag to return other garments for recycle. As a seamstress, I e-mailed asking about recycling fabric scraps and I got a wonderful e-mail from the founder, Griffin Vanze, who said he would happily accept my fabric scraps instead of a clothing item. Aeon Row may easily be one of my new favorite brands for basic apparel.

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Florence Dress, $288


Reformation started in Downtown LA in 2009 by Yael Aflalo. While they tend to be on the higher-end side, they are extremely well made and there are a lot of great finds under $100 and they have amazing sales from time to time. Reformation is nothing but transparent when it comes to their sustainability practices and how they source their fabrics. Each garment has a close-up fabric swatch photo and tells you where it came from. They also measure the impact on the environment and educate consumers on how to wash safely. According to Reformation, 80% of the nasty stuff about fashion happens after you take the garment home. Greenhouse gases? Gross. Wasted water? Sad. Don’t be sad and gross.

Hovey Lee

Hovey Lee is an LA based jewelry company. Each piece is 100% recycled metals and any gemstones used are fair trade certified. Additionally, they support local charities including Project Angel Food which helps provide nutritional meals to individuals affected by AIDs, cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

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RAREFORM is a surfer inspired brand that repurposes 20,000 lbs a month of water-resistant vinyl from billboards into bags and accessories. You can select a one-of-a-kind piece or have the founder select one for you. If you aren’t sure you’ll like the texture, you can sign up for a free sample of the billboard material.

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Cotton ON

Cotton On wears their ethics on their sleeves. Based in Australia, they have a moral guide and track all garments down to the raw materials. Reasonably priced, they are a good go-to for cotton basics like tees, jeans and activewear. They donate a majority of their profit to help with education and clean water initiatives and are very transparent about the ethics of their sourcing and production. While I do see some amount of synthetic materials being used, they predominately work with — you guessed it — cotton.

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Classic Style Cosmetic Set

Classic Style Cosmetic Set, $100

Coastal Classic Creations

Coastal Classic Creations is an all natural cosmetic and personal care line. They go above and beyond to ensure that even their packaging and cases are biodegradable and primarily made with recycled materials. Most of the products are gluten free and even labeled as such with an extensive ingredient glossary that provides an in depth look of what organic raw ingredients they choose to use and why it is vitalizing for your skin. They are also certified cruelty free and have a great corporate giving program that supports a wide range of organizations.

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Moo Shoes

Moo Shoes started in NYC as a cruelty-free store focused on selling vegan accessories. They now have an LA location and an extensive online store featuring several popular brands. They promote animal rights and support great organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society. Moo Shoes NYC is also home to several adopted cats from various rescue organizations.

DISCLAIMER: I was not given a free product or paid for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by any mentioned brands or companies, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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