Low Sugar Challenge: Lorelai’s Week 1

October 28, 2016

Sugar. Spice. Everything Nice.

We all know that avoiding sugar can be a challenge, even for women like me who donate really get cravings. I would go for a piece of fruit over chocolate any day (I know a handful of you are hating my guts now for saying that).

For me, it is more about convenience. I am an avid baker but ask me to saute, fry or roast something and I’ll run screaming. I am the girl who picks leftover cookies for breakfast over something well-balanced the moment I realize I have waited too long to prepare something. And though I actively check the nutrition charts when shopping, it’s primarily to make sure there is no gluten or preservatives. I rarely pay attention to the daily values or what it means to get the right amount of sugars, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Taking the Plunge.

When Melissa approached me about capping her sugar intake for a month, my first thought was safety in numbers and agreed to take the plunge. The only time I was on a diet was two months of raw foods on a dare in high school. I often accept challenges before thinking of the logistics.

I’ve always despised restrictions and fad diets. Moderation is the key to success with everything in life and since this plan is modifying my intake of something my body doesn’t need to begin with I thought why not?

The American Heart Association states that the maximum women’s daily amount of added sugar should be 24 g or 100 calories.


In a jam.

While staying away from sweets comes naturally to me, I’ve discovered my juice obsession is a bitch. Even the great organic brands I buy still add unnatural sugar. One glass of juice can be more than double the daily amount and I will sometimes drink 2-3 glasses.

Smearing my toast with jam in the morning with a side of sweetened yogurt as a regular breakfast is also not helping. It’s really quite appalling to think that my usual morning routine in the past is around 80 g. I’m done for the day before I’m even dressed. And I know I’m not the only one.

Old habits die hard.

I’m happy to say that this week was a cake walk… just without the cake. While I still had some juice (extremely watered down), I drank mostly lemon water with all meals. My morning toast was slathered with velvety organic butter or sometimes creamy unsweetened peanut butter. I cut sugar completely out my of tea or coffee. And since I can’t let any food go to waste, I will enjoy my remaining yogurt and juice in moderation.

CREDITS// Article: Lorelai Birch. Photos: Alex Allrich.

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